Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jazzin' Up the Week

As I had promised, here is a photo journal of my experience last spring of the Little Black Dress Project. 

Here is my Little Black Dress. This is Day Number One. Today I am wearing just the H&M Dress without any accessories! 

Day Number Two!

I added a Forever 21 Polka Dot half shirt, red Hollister cardigan, Old Navy cream scarf, black nylons, and silver Marc Fisher ballet flats. My friend to the left participated as well. She did not have a black dress so she sported a black pencil skirt all week.

Day Three
Today I added plum colored tights from Gap and a floral scarf. The three ladies next to me participated as well and give great example on how to add scarfs, shirts, belts, and footwear to add to your blank canvas of a dress!

Day Four
Today I added a red pencil skirt from Maurices over my dress. I paired it with a metallic belt! I also added some vintage square earrings for an extra touch! 

Day Five
Today I added an a-line grey skirt from Gap over the dress. I also paired it with a leopard print eternity scarf and a red lip! 

Day Six
Today I added a leopard print cardigan from old navy as well as a red scarf from Down East Basics. I decided to pair this outfit with an American Eagle Outfitters fedora to give it a little extra touch.

Day Seven
The Final Day! Today I added a forever 21 striped tee and hot pink hoop earrings!

Accessorizing for a week was challenging at times but very fun! I enjoyed the experience and I feel confident you all can do it! As you can see, It doesn't take a plethora of clothing to do this. Adding simple pieces can entirely change your outcome! I hope this gives you hope and you now feel more confident about the Dress For Change Week!


  1. Hey this is my post about your challenge! I hope you like it. I love what you are doing and want to help as much as I can.

  2. Hi Sheyeanne,
    I've been posting about my outfits at
    or you can Google The Renegade Seamstress and you'll find my outfits.
    Thanks for doing this,
    It's been fun!