Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Make a Difference!

Hello Ladies!
         I first want to thank you all for all the support my project has received so far! All of your help is truly appreciated! We have 12 women signed up! Thats 12 dresses for little girls! As awesome as that is, I KNOW we can do way better than that! Get the word out. Post on facebook, email your friends and family, write a blog post. This project can truly change the lives of others but I need the help of all of you to get it done. Lets turn that 12 into 100 or even more!

       As you start preparing for the week feel free to use the hashtag #dressforchange on instagram or twitter. I just created it & that will be the perfect way to start grouping our pictures together.

    I appreciate all of your help and enthusiasm! Cannot wait to see the impact we can make on those beautiful little girls. Our small sacrifice will benefit them in ways we will never know!

Sign up today! Instructions are below & if you have any questions email me at

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